Shindig on the Green in Downtown Asheville, NC

You can’t go wrong with downtown Asheville on a Saturday night. Tonight I took some photos of Shindig on the Green in Pack Square Park. It was packed with people for this folk festival, which is celebrating it’s 44th season. Live bluegrass music, dancing, food and fun: everything you need for a great festival! This was the second shindig of 2010, with six more to go.

Shindig on the Green in Pack Square Park

A good turnout to Shindig on the Green

Folks playing some bluegrass

Folks playing some bluegrass

Hula Hooping in Asheville

Hula hooping at Shindig on the Green

Shindig on the Green - 44th Season

Backstage at Shindig

Practicing bluegrass in Asheville

Practicing beneath Asheville's City Hall

Okie Dokies Smokehouse at Shindig

Okie Dokies Smokehouse

Ice Cream shop The Hop

The Hop serving yummy ice cream

Musician having a good time

Harmonica player having a good time

Bluegrass musicians playing

A bluegrass group plays a tune

Stand up bass player in bluegrass band

Providing the low notes for the band

Music festival in western North Carolina

Behind the stage at Shindig

Playing the fiddle

Fiddle player stares into the sun

Dancing at Shindig in Asheville

The Dixie Darlings

WNC folk festival in Asheville

Banjo player pickin' away


Guitar player having a good time

Folks playing bluegrass

Folks playing a bluegrass tune

Glen - MC at Shindig on the Green in Asheville

Glenn, the MC

WNC folk festival

Pack Square Park filled up

Dancing at Shindig on the Green

Dancing at Shindig

Toy tractor

A child's toy tractor ... left behind

Bluegrass music at WNC folk festival

On stage at Shindig on the Green

Backstage at Shindig

Musicians wait in line to perform

Dancing on a board

On stage dancing

Shindig on the Green truck

Booth at Shindig / Courthouse and City Hall in background


A parrot ... there was a parrot there

3 Responses to Shindig on the Green in Downtown Asheville, NC
  1. LA Bannerman

    Just a note to say I love the picure of Glenn, the MC. He’s my dad and I live in England and haven’t made it home during the summer months in several years now. I miss Shindig a lot and really enjoyed looking through your photo’s – they are a nice portrayal of this unique event and really capture the spirit of it all. Thanks!

  2. Derek

    Thanks, LA. He was fun to photograph because of his excitement about the whole thing. That photo was taken while he was dictating the dance steps to the dancing crowd up front. I appreciate your comment!

  3. McLean

    FYI – folks in the second picture are playing Old Time Music, not bluegrass. Thanks for taking such wonderful pictures – you really capture the positive collective energy of the music making, singing and dancing!

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