Landscape Photography – Grand Canyon

I love traveling and being inspired by new surroundings. Last summer I went out West and visited destinations I had never seen (more on that later).

In celebration of my blog redesign I am posting a panoramic photo I took at Grand Canyon National Park. Honestly, I was expecting to be quickly bored by this spectacle. I had only seen photos and video of the Grand Canyon, but after seeing it in person I can say: images don’t do it complete justice. When I first approached the rim of the canyon I was in awe of its vastness. This is a site you must visit in person. That being said, here is a photo of it…

Grand Canyon

Panorama of the Grand Canyon in Arizona

3 Responses to Landscape Photography – Grand Canyon
  1. kristi whitehead

    Well done! You are so talented.

  2. Danielle

    Wow! You’ve captured GOD’s beautiful work well.

  3. Jodie Johnston

    Would you care if we saved your image to use as a background for a landform unit in Elem geography? Below is a sample image I did with a desert panorama. It is hard to find images that are not copywrited and I wanted to check first!

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