Amadeus Asheville Festival

Over the weekend I photographed the Amadeus Asheville festival put on by Daniel Meyer and the Asheville Symphony. Amadeus is one of my favorite movies so it was neat photographing the symphony performing Mozart (and even Salieri too). There were spectacular performances during the festival such as Grammy award winner Emanuel AxOrion Weiss, and Franklin Keel, Jason Posnock & Kara Poorbaugh of the Asheville Symphony. Enjoy these photos from the Diana Wortham Theatre and Thomas Wolfe Auditorium.

Asheville Music Portrait Photographer

Recently I took some portraits of gifted musicians Nikki Talley and Jason Sharp. They are a husband & wife duo based in Asheville, NC and you should check out their music! They have been on tour lately and also have a Kickstarter campaign going to record a new studio album.

For this session I focused on natural light portraiture among trees, streams, and rustic wooden buildings. They brought along some of their instruments and I even got a mini personal concert at some of the locations. I play guitar as a hobby (originally I swore I was going to be a musician for a living) so I love taking portraits of musicians. Jason is also a talented photographer so we all geeked out a little on music and photo gear.

After Hours Cabaret at Diana Wortham Theatre

Here are some more photos from the After Hours Cabaret at Diana Wortham Theatre. Along with great performances from Al Petteway & Amy White, Swayback Sisters, Tongue and Groove, and Boom Chix, there was a silent auction that benefited Artspace Charter School.

Diana Wortham Theatre

amy white and al petteway

Al Petteway and Amy White

Al Petteway and Amy White on stage

Al Petteway

Live performace

Amy White playing guitar

Silent Auction

Swayback Sisters live

Swayback Sisters

Lyndsay Wojcik

Lyndsay Wojcik

Laura Blackley

Laura Blackley

Nikki Talley

Nikki Talley

Lyndsay Wojcik

Live music

Accordion player in Asheville


artsy shot

Claire Dima

Boom Chix – Asheville

The Boom Chix are a rhythmic, drum bangin’ dance troupe from Asheville, NC. They performed at the Diana Wortham Theatre on February 18 for Artspace’s After Hours Cabaret benefit. There were many other wonderful acts on this night (including Al Pettaway & Amy White) but I thought I’d share some photos of the Boom Chix to kick it off.

Boom ChixBoom ChixBoom Chix memberBoom ChixBoom Chix dancing and drumming

jumping in the air

Boom Chix in Asheville

Boom Chix

Asheville Street Musicians and Performers

A look at a few street musicians and performers in downtown Asheville last night.

Downtown Asheville street musicians

Blind Boy Chocolate and the Milk Sheiks

Fiddle player in Asheville, NC

Street musician playing a fiddle

Asheville street music

Blind Boy Chocolate

WNC Street Musician

He was playing for "college fund"

Street music in Asheville, NC

They start so young...

Young street musician

Young street musician in Asheville

Silver Drummer Girl

Silver Drummer Girl waiting for money to beat her drum

Silver Drummer Girl getting money

Supporting street performer Silver Drummer Girl

Asheville street musician

Guitarist in front of Malaprops bookstore in Asheville

Shindig on the Green in Downtown Asheville, NC

You can’t go wrong with downtown Asheville on a Saturday night. Tonight I took some photos of Shindig on the Green in Pack Square Park. It was packed with people for this folk festival, which is celebrating it’s 44th season. Live bluegrass music, dancing, food and fun: everything you need for a great festival! This was the second shindig of 2010, with six more to go.

Shindig on the Green in Pack Square Park

A good turnout to Shindig on the Green

Folks playing some bluegrass

Folks playing some bluegrass

Hula Hooping in Asheville

Hula hooping at Shindig on the Green

Shindig on the Green - 44th Season

Backstage at Shindig

Practicing bluegrass in Asheville

Practicing beneath Asheville's City Hall

Okie Dokies Smokehouse at Shindig

Okie Dokies Smokehouse

Ice Cream shop The Hop

The Hop serving yummy ice cream

Musician having a good time

Harmonica player having a good time

Bluegrass musicians playing

A bluegrass group plays a tune

Stand up bass player in bluegrass band

Providing the low notes for the band

Music festival in western North Carolina

Behind the stage at Shindig

Playing the fiddle

Fiddle player stares into the sun

Dancing at Shindig in Asheville

The Dixie Darlings

WNC folk festival in Asheville

Banjo player pickin' away


Guitar player having a good time

Folks playing bluegrass

Folks playing a bluegrass tune

Glen - MC at Shindig on the Green in Asheville

Glenn, the MC

WNC folk festival

Pack Square Park filled up

Dancing at Shindig on the Green

Dancing at Shindig

Toy tractor

A child's toy tractor ... left behind

Bluegrass music at WNC folk festival

On stage at Shindig on the Green

Backstage at Shindig

Musicians wait in line to perform

Dancing on a board

On stage dancing

Shindig on the Green truck

Booth at Shindig / Courthouse and City Hall in background


A parrot ... there was a parrot there