Boom Chix – Asheville

The Boom Chix are a rhythmic, drum bangin’ dance troupe from Asheville, NC. They performed at the Diana Wortham Theatre on February 18 for Artspace’s After Hours Cabaret benefit. There were many other wonderful acts on this night (including Al Pettaway & Amy White) but I thought I’d share some photos of the Boom Chix to kick it off.

Boom ChixBoom ChixBoom Chix memberBoom ChixBoom Chix dancing and drumming

jumping in the air

Boom Chix in Asheville

Boom Chix

3 thoughts on “Boom Chix – Asheville

  1. Adam says:

    Great shots man. I can imagine the lighting was a pain. It looks they were doing lots of color filters and spotlights everywhere. I’m so horrible at shots of people I need to just pick your brain one day.
    You build a scene very nicely in every shot. Love the two black and whites.

  2. Gail Forsyth says:

    Wow, these are amazing pics! Thanks so much for working with us on this event. Love your photos so much! You took a tough lighting situation and really made it work! Can’t wait to see the rest. All the best, Gail

  3. Karen Stobbe says:

    Derek –

    Great shots!!! You made some very difficult shots (action/lighting) look easy and beautiful!!!
    Thanks for coming to the event.
    I hope you had fun too!


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