Photos Taken with iPhone 4S

Call me a sellout. Or, call me on my iPhone 4S and tell me that. I’ll admit I’ve silently made fun of people for taking images with cell phones cameras (mainly when they were about 1.2 megapixels). I’ve taken photos with my cell phone camera in the past, but never shots that I might want to print or have for archival purposes. The iPhone 4S has changed my view on that. I’ve been having lots of fun playing around with the camera. I am a professional photographer (i.e. – full-time) and have lots of great Nikon gear, but there is something very liberating about using such a small, simple device to take photos on. It’s great to always have a good camera (for most scenarios) in my pocket. For instance, I would never bring a big, full-frame camera into the grocery store to take random pictures of vegetables (see carrot shot).

I have been using the Instagram app, which forces me to shoot in a square ratio (1:1). It’s a lot different than just taking a 6:4 ratio shot and then cropping it. I rarely intend on cropping an image to square when I’m shooting with 35mm.

All these images were taken using an iPhone 4S (most of them with Instagram). I am amazed by the sharpness of the first picture of my cat, Pierre.

Picture of cat
Vivid iPhone 4S photo
stained glass
film camera
Sky and clouds

On the Streets


Here is a series of photos that I feel go well together. All of these were taken somewhere in downtown Asheville.

Film noirInterior of BasilicaStella BlueTupelo Honey

North Carolina Wedding – Black and White Photography

It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything wedding related, which is odd since that’s what a lot of my time is dedicated too. I’ve fallen back in love with black and white photography lately so figured I’d post all monochromatic (five-syllable Andrew Bird way of saying it) shots mainly in the photojournalist style. Moments like these define a wedding for me, and as much as I love color, stripping it away often leaves nothing but that pure emotion. Not every photo looks great in b+w, and I notice while editing that b+w can potentially make a decent photo look kind of … boring. I don’t typically shoot with the intention of making a photo b+w, but sometimes while shooting I’ll know on the spot what will make a good monochromatic image. And sometimes I’m wrong because my first name is not Ansel.

So here are some of my favorite images from Jen and Phil’s recent wedding in North Carolina.

Bride gets ready

Groom reflectionCeremony siteNC weddingBrideMoment between bride and groomChild at weddingblack and white portraitNC wedding photojournalistSaturday Night FeverCreative wedding photographyNC wedding photoBride and groom

Above the Tracks

Sometimes the first shot is all you need. I pulled my car over and walked onto an overpass for this vantage point. I hurried to a spot for the view I found most aesthetically pleasing, adjusted my camera settings, then snapped the photo with my Fujifilm X100. I took 11 more shots with different compositions and exposures, and even tried to get the train to look ‘blurry’ since it started to move a minute after my first photo. Turns out my first impression of the scene was my favorite.

Also worth noting is I couldn’t have gotten this exact shot with my Nikon dSLR. a) Because I wouldn’t have taken a big camera with me just to get a bite to eat, and b) because I was shooting through a fence and my Nikon lenses would have been too big to fit through. So, yet another reason I’m an advocate for this X100 camera.

Above the Tracks

Photo taken with Fujifilm X100 camera


Rural Carolina (Taken with Fujifilm X100)

A few rural shots of western North Carolina taken with a Fujifilm X100. Overall I’m loving this camera and am really impressed thus far. I’ll be posting more photos with it in different environments.

Rural setting near Barnardsville, NC

Rural cows

Cow ratio: 3:1

Old barn

An old barn

New York City

In April I traveled to New York City for a client photo shoot. Here is a slice of the Big Apple via some of my personal photography from the trip.

Taxi cab in the rainGuggenheimGuggenheimBrooklyn Bridge runnersNYCDesk ClerkRainy nightGrand Central StationWhere to go?Central Park


Camera ManUniversity Eye CenterLady making foodNYC