North Carolina Wedding – Black and White Photography

It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything wedding related, which is odd since that’s what a lot of my time is dedicated too. I’ve fallen back in love with black and white photography lately so figured I’d post all monochromatic (five-syllable Andrew Bird way of saying it) shots mainly in the photojournalist style. Moments like these define a wedding for me, and as much as I love color, stripping it away often leaves nothing but that pure emotion. Not every photo looks great in b+w, and I notice while editing that b+w can potentially make a decent photo look kind of … boring. I don’t typically shoot with the intention of making a photo b+w, but sometimes while shooting I’ll know on the spot what will make a good monochromatic image. And sometimes I’m wrong because my first name is not Ansel.

So here are some of my favorite images from Jen and Phil’s recent wedding in North Carolina.

Bride gets ready

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12 Responses to North Carolina Wedding – Black and White Photography
  1. jessica lorren

    very very cool moments! nice job.

  2. Keith Daigle

    Wow! Love the first shot. You captured some wonderful moments.

  3. Kyle

    Your black and white conversion is stunning! There’s so much depth.

  4. geneoh

    great b&w’s, love the first frame.

  5. Shella

    Absolutely love the first 2 reception shot – the shadow in the second one definitely made the photo!

  6. Tera

    Love the black and white! These truly are the moments that make a wedding. Your style of documenting make me feel like I was there.

  7. Becca Dilley

    Love the dancing photos – very lively!

  8. Anton Chia

    Great shots in photojournalistic style. Good moments all round.

  9. Beth

    So many great images!

  10. Rachael Muller

    Great work, I love the dress

  11. Heather

    I see some killer disco moves in there! :D Awesome captures!

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