Photos Taken with iPhone 4S

Call me a sellout. Or, call me on my iPhone 4S and tell me that. I’ll admit I’ve silently made fun of people for taking images with cell phones cameras (mainly when they were about 1.2 megapixels). I’ve taken photos with my cell phone camera in the past, but never shots that I might want to print or have for archival purposes. The iPhone 4S has changed my view on that. I’ve been having lots of fun playing around with the camera. I am a professional photographer (i.e. – full-time) and have lots of great Nikon gear, but there is something very liberating about using such a small, simple device to take photos on. It’s great to always have a good camera (for most scenarios) in my pocket. For instance, I would never bring a big, full-frame camera into the grocery store to take random pictures of vegetables (see carrot shot).

I have been using the Instagram app, which forces me to shoot in a square ratio (1:1). It’s a lot different than just taking a 6:4 ratio shot and then cropping it. I rarely intend on cropping an image to square when I’m shooting with 35mm.

All these images were taken using an iPhone 4S (most of them with Instagram). I am amazed by the sharpness of the first picture of my cat, Pierre.

Picture of cat
Vivid iPhone 4S photo
stained glass
film camera
Sky and clouds

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  1. Kenneth L. Barrett says:

    Beautiful work. I am looking forward to receiving my iPhone on December the 9th. I am now shooting with an iPod and a Droid. I havent used a DSLR in 8 years. I am a photo story teller, not a fine art photo artist. I also like to shoot candid movies and edit them in iMovie.

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