Nikon Z 7ii

nikon z 7ii
A Nikon Z 7ii with a Nikon Z 50mm 1.8 S lens / photo taken with a Nikon Z 6ii with a Nikon 45mm 2.8 D tilt shift

Hello, Nikon Z 7ii. In an attempt to blog and post more images this is just a post to say that I am back shooting on Nikon! I switched from Nikon dSLRs to Canon mirrorless in the summer of 2019. While I enjoyed mixing things up and shooting with a different system, I don’t feel like I was ever fully comfortable (or maybe compatible?) shooting with Canon. The RF lenses are amazing (I’ll miss the Canon RF 50mm f/1.2) but I was always secretly pining for Nikon — it’s intuitiveness, colors and lenses. I was also disappointed that Adobe Lightroom did not release a camera matching profile for the Canon R6 (they did for the Canon R). Because of this I always struggled getting skin tones just right with the R6, and it was ANNOYING. In the end I decided I prefer Nikon’s raw files anyway. I literally made a pros and cons list for switching from Canon back to Nikon. This isn’t an extensive list of why you should also switch. Many of these are just personal preferences because I shot with Nikon from 2006-2019.

Pros for Switching to Nikon
I prefer Nikon files
The awesome 24mm 1.4 G! (I ended up buying the Nikon Z 24mm 1.8 S)
Won’t really lose money switching
Z 6ii slightly more megapixels than Canon R6
Still have the Nikon tilt shift lens
Top deck display (the little square screen on top)
Prefer Nikon flashes
On button location easily accessible near aperture dial

Cons of switching to Nikon
Pain to switch systems
Multiexposure output is only JPG on Nikon Z 6ii and Z 7ii (why?!)
Tilt screen on R6 is awesome
Might take time adjusting back to Nikon (but maybe not)
Z lenses a little longer in length
Mostly used to shooting Canon at this point
I will miss 1.2 aperture on the 50mm RF

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