Photo Taken with Droid X

No more dropped calls! I have reason to celebrate because of today I am no longer with AT&T. Now I’ll actually get all my calls and texts and have service in more places. I could write a novel on how bad AT&T’s cell coverage is in Asheville (and beyond) but I’ll sum it up in one word: terrible.

Here is a photo I took with my new Droid X. The image quality is great for a smartphone and, of course, is much better than my iPhone 3G was. I processed this using Lightroom 3 and did a few adjustments to get it looking sharper and more contrasty.

Droid X Photography of plant
Photo of plant taken with the new Droid X

Also see it on flickr

2 thoughts on “Photo Taken with Droid X

  1. Peter @ says:

    two things.. 1) really really enjoy your photo blog posts of aville.. keep’em coming. 2) I think I’m close behind you on switching.. I still’ve got iphone 1.0, and at&t service is beyond brutal.. and I’m leaning heavily towards droid x..

  2. Derek says:

    Thanks, Peter. I couldn’t take AT&T anymore. I miss the iPhone, it’s the best phone ever. But I am glad I switched to Verizon. I’m getting used to the Droid X and I think it’ll grow on me more.

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