Anniversary Photo Shoot

Recently I had the pleasure of photographing an anniversary shoot for wedding blogger Mountainside Bride.

Unfortunately, her wedding photographs are ruined from her wedding day. Huh? That’s right, even in this digital age when “anyone can take a picture,” photos can be irreversibly ruined. Being a wedding photographer is more difficult than some might think. The bottom line is that Mountainside Bride is against hiring an amateur to photograph your wedding. Of course I feel bad for her and hate that her crusade against amateur wedding photography was at the cost of her actual wedding day photos. I did a one year anniversary shoot with her and it meant a lot that she said the shoot was healing to her.

“While I can never go back in time and redo my wedding photos, this is the next best thing.” ~Mountainside Bride

She posted some Asheville wedding photos and my Grove Arcade photo on The Bride’s Book blog recently. Neat!

Here is one of my favorite shots from the anniversary shoot at the Arboretum in Asheville, NC.

Wedding anniversary photo shoot at The Arboretum
Wedding anniversary photo shoot at The Arboretum

Brides: Make sure you hire a professional photographer for your wedding. And if you are getting married in Asheville we recommend hiring a local photographer… preferably us :)

1 thought on “Anniversary Photo Shoot

  1. Christie O. [The Hindsight Bride] says:

    I LOVE this picture! I also love Google Reader!

    And yes, it bears repeating that I am, by and large, against hiring a student, Uncle Bob, your shutter bug co-worker, or your BFF to shoot your wedding. Even if your BFF is a prize-winning photo journalist, she or he may not fully understand the rhythms of a wedding and what to capture. You’re taking a risk if you don;t hire a professional!

    And yes, it has been a long time healing from my ruined wedding photos. They looked like regular snapshots at best, and were completely blown out due to improper camera settings at worst. The anniversary shoot was a hugely redeeming experience. And tons of fun! Derek is so easy going and fun to hang out with. I recommend him with gusto!!!

    Thanks for posting here Derek!

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