New York City

In April I traveled to New York City for a client photo shoot. Here is a slice of the Big Apple via some of my personal photography from the trip.

Taxi cab in the rainGuggenheimGuggenheimBrooklyn Bridge runnersNYCDesk ClerkRainy nightGrand Central StationWhere to go?Central Park


Camera ManUniversity Eye CenterLady making foodNYC

2 Responses to New York City
  1. Adam

    I love it. Great shots. I need to get up there.

  2. Robert

    Dear Mr Olson,
    I have only been to New york once, last year in fact with a friend, its the one place in the world other than England I would love to live.
    It’s not just because every pub we went in, the ladies thought we were some sort of Huge Grant character, just an amazing vibrant city, and your photographs capture all that is New York (to say the least) to use an americanism, if there is such a word (Your the man) you need to come to an equally great city, London, and capture all it’s beauty.

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