Sunset at High Hampton Inn Wedding in Cashiers, NC

This photo is from a wedding in October at High Hampton Inn in Cashiers, North Carolina. The whole day, up to this point, it was overcast and threatening to rain. Thankfully it never rained and the cloudy atmosphere was quite pleasant and provided a nice diffused light for photos of the ceremony. Right after the ceremony the sky surprised us and turned an amazing hue of pink, red, and orange; I took several different portraits of April and Jeff during this surreal sunset. This shot is my favorite of the bunch.


1 thought on “Sunset at High Hampton Inn Wedding in Cashiers, NC

  1. April Sykes says:

    While the weather and scenery were amazing, your talent captured every emotion, every detail, and the total beauty of it all. Thank you again for giving us such unbelievable wedding pictures. We will treasure them for years to come.

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