Flat Iron Building in Asheville

Continuing my downtown Asheville photo series… here is the Flat Iron Building. This vantage point is looking down Battery Park Ave. The street that runs parallel on the left side of the Flat Iron Building is Wall St. Inside are mostly business offices and at the base are restaurants, a coffee shop and a few shops. On the top floor is the (somewhat hard to find) Sky Bar.

The Flat Iron Building in Asheville, North Carolina
The Flat Iron Building in Asheville, North Carolina

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3 thoughts on “Flat Iron Building in Asheville

  1. Thomas Rohe says:

    Great looking shot Derek! Especially the darker tones and contrast down low and the man moving across the bottom. One of my favorite buildings downtown.

  2. Derek says:

    … and the gentleman would be wearing a hat 50 years ago… Thanks for the comment, Tom

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