Photo from Biltmore Estate Wedding in Asheville, NC

Setting the scene with a wide shot is an important part of wedding photography. Each shot tells the story of the wedding and if I didn’t have that wide shot to establish the surroundings then all those great close-up moments would lack context. That isn’t to say a close-up photo needs to be side by side with a wide shot to make sense, but for the wedding couple’s book or photo slideshow, it’s essential.

Here is a wide shot I took at a Biltmore Estate wedding last year. The Biltmore Estate is a popular tourist destination here in Asheville, NC and is a fairy-tale setting for weddings. It’s also a photographer’s paradise!

Biltmore Estate Wedding - Asheville photographer

Camera/lens info: Nikon D300 with Nikkor 18-200mm VR lens (I’ve parted with both… to upgrade)

Asheville wedding photographer

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