Asheville Sunset

Here is a photo of the beautiful sunset last night over downtown Asheville, NC.

Asheville sunset

Asheville sunset

8 Responses to Asheville Sunset
  1. Lindsay

    I think we need this on display in the office. Beautiful!

  2. Janet Frye CFD

    Awesome photo Derek. Love Two Rings wedding work also

  3. Brian

    holy shit, dude.

  4. Jodi Yaver

    Whoa…and I LIVE here!!!! Awesomeness

  5. Jeff Fobes

    Hi, Derek,
    I’m wondering if you’d feel OK about having post an image of your photo on its website, with a link to your site. The photo is of course lovely, and it’s timely.

    We could also provide a sentence or two bio about you and your work.


    Jeff Fobes

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  7. Jessica Harrison

    I love this! I wonder how I would go about getting a print of it for my house? My mother has been dying to have a picture just like this, and it’s so wonderful! Do you sell prints?

  8. Joe

    Hey, this is an incredible shot. I moved down to avl about 9 months ago, and I’ve been trying to find a print of the city to give my sister for Xmas. Do you possibly sell prints of your work?

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